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PE Conference – Sharjah English School 10 & 11 May 2024

PE Coaching Conference

at Sharjah English School, UAE

Friday & Saturday 10–11 May 2024

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Attend the Sharjah conference on May 10th and 11th for a transformative learning experience led by renowned experts in athletics, basketball, cricket, and netball coaching. Delve into tailored curriculums and practical strategies to enhance coaching effectiveness.

  • Join Martin Brockman's two-day athletics course for expert mentorship and hands-on learning.
  • Elevate your basketball coaching skills with Alan Keane's workshop, focusing on tailored curriculum and essential drills.
  • Unlock cricketing techniques with Paul Nixon's beginners' course, emphasizing practical sessions and game understanding.
  • Advance your cricket coaching expertise with Paul Nixon's one-day workshop, featuring tactical mastery and player-centered approaches.
  • Learn netball attacking strategies from Ama Agbeze, focusing on athlete-centered coaching and maximizing scoring opportunities.
  • Immerse yourself in netball defensive tactics with Ama Agbeze, gaining insights into intercepting and strategic positioning.

Experience engaging sessions combining theory and practice to enhance coaching capabilities and foster athlete development.


Athletics Masterclass

Friday & Saturday 10–11 May
with Martin Brockman

Join us for an enriching two-day experience led by former Olympic athlete Martin Brockman, tailored specifically to elevate your skills in guiding and mentoring aspiring athletes. Benefit from expert mentorship, comprehensive skill enhancement, and hands-on learning experiences, ensuring you leave equipped with actionable insights and tangible strategies to enhance your coaching effectiveness.

  • Expert Mentorship
  • Comprehensive Skill Enhancement
  • Hands-On Learning
  • Tailored Curriculum
  • Practical Strategies
  • Engaging Learning Environment

Coaching Basketball in Schools

Friday & Saturday 10–11 May
with Alan Keane

Elevate your coaching game with our two-day workshop led by esteemed coach Alan Keane, renowned for his exceptional leadership in the world of basketball. Gain hands-on experience and practical strategies to effectively implement basketball coaching techniques in school settings, drawing from Alan's extensive experience as both a basketball coach and a qualified teacher.

  • Learn from a Basketball Luminary
  • Tailored Curriculum
  • Essential Drills, Activities, and Games
  • Small-Sided Games Approach
  • Technical and Tactical Competency Checklists
  • Athlete-Centered Coaching Approach

Cricket Coaching for Beginners

Friday 10 May
with Paul Nixon

Unlock the world of cricket with a comprehensive beginners' course led by legendary cricketer and esteemed coach, Paul Nixon. Delve into the basics of cricketing technique, explore game understanding and strategy, and put theory into practice with practical sessions and match simulations, ensuring an enjoyable and rewarding learning experience for everyone.

  • Learn from a Cricketing Icon
  • Foundational Skills Development
  • Game Understanding and Strategy
  • Practical Sessions and Match Simulations
  • Engaging and Interactive Learning Environment

Advanced Cricket Coaching

Saturday 11 May
with Paul Nixon

Elevate your cricket coaching skills to new heights with a dynamic one-day workshop designed for teachers seeking to enhance their coaching expertise at intermediate and advanced levels. Benefit from expert guidance, advanced skill development, tactical mastery, and player-centered coaching approaches, ensuring you leave equipped with practical tools to enhance your coaching effectiveness.

  • Expert Guidance from a Cricketing Legend
  • Advanced Skill Development
  • Tactical Mastery and Game Analysis
  • Player-Centered Coaching Approach
  • Interactive Workshops and Case Studies

Coaching Netball Attacking Strategies and Skills

Friday 10 May
with Ama Agbeze

Elevate your netball coaching skills with Ama Agbeze, England's celebrated captain and Commonwealth Games victor. Join us for a dynamic one-day workshop focusing on attacking strategies and skills, led by the renowned netball sensation herself. Dive into advanced techniques and movements to enhance offensive capabilities, guided by Ama's wealth of international and club-level experience.

  • Learn from Netball Icon Ama Agbeze's extensive career expertise
  • Explore intricate attacking play for maximizing scoring opportunities
  • Embrace athlete-centered coaching for individual player development
  • Practice hands-on coaching with personalized feedback
  • Cover a comprehensive curriculum of attacking strategies and skills
  • Network and collaborate with fellow coaches for shared insights

Coaching Netball Defensive Tactics and Techniques

Saturday 11 May
with Ama Agbeze

Immerse yourself in the world of netball coaching with Ama Agbeze, England's most successful captain, renowned for leading the team to victory at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. In this dynamic one-day workshop, Ama brings her global expertise and decades-long career to focus on defensive tactics and techniques. Learn from a Netball Icon: Gain invaluable insights and techniques from Ama Agbeze, a seasoned professional with extensive experience playing various positions, including goal defence and goal keeper. Defensive Tactics and Techniques: Delve into the art of defensive play, mastering essential skills such as intercepting, marking, and zoning to bolster your team's defensive prowess. Discover how to instill a resilient defensive mindset, disrupt opposition attacks, and regain possession through strategic positioning and pressure defense.

  • Learn defensive tactics from Ama Agbeze, England's renowned netball captain
  • Master essential skills like intercepting, marking, and zoning
  • Develop a resilient defensive mindset to disrupt opposition attacks
  • Gain insights into strategic positioning and pressure defense techniques
  • Benefit from Ama's extensive international and club-level experience
  • Elevate your coaching game with practical defensive strategies and techniques
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