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International Sports Partnership in Schools

Transform Your Gap Year

Embark on a Fully Funded Journey in Sports Coaching within UK Schools!

Transform Your Gap Year:
Embark on a Fully Funded Journey in Sports Coaching within UK Schools

Paid Placements for Young Coaches

Discover the world of sports coaching with ISPS, offering paid, residential positions for Australian coaches in prestigious UK schools. Whether you're a recent graduate or transitioning from elite sports careers, this is your chance to kickstart an unforgettable journey.

Live, Play and Work in the UK

Become a Resident Sports Coach in one of vibrant leading UK boarding schools. Enjoy the flexibility of one or two-year placements and seize the opportunity to engage in sports while gaining valuable work experience.

Sports coaching in UK boarding schools

Training, Employment and Accommodation

ISPS provides comprehensive training for working in UK schools, coupled with paid employment and complimentary accommodation. Dive into this unique experience with free meals during term time, making your adventure hassle-free and rewarding.

Paid employment & free accommodation

Unlock Your Globetrotting Dreams

Embrace the 20 weeks of school holidays, where you can play sports, explore various sporting environments, or embark on exciting travels across the UK, Europe, and beyond. Your gap year will be filled with thrilling experiences both on and off the field.

Travel across the UK, Ireland and Europe


Application Process

ISPS is a FREE service for graduates and aspiring coaches. Costs incurred for flights up to (1900 AUD approx.) and Health Surcharge (1790 AUD approx.) are reimbursed after a month of employment in your school. All you need to do is apply for is a youth mobility visa which is approximately 1400 AUD.

ISPS participants will be employees of UK schools, who will oversee appointment checks and safeguarding processes. They will be paid monthly throughout the year by the employing school, including in school holidays. All year accommodation is FREE of CHARGE and food during term times.

The English Boarding School

Tradition Legacy Experience

Immerse yourself in the rich history of UK's prestigious boarding schools amidst awe-inspiring architecture.

Sport Elite

Discover where popular sports were born, blending 19th-century traditions with a vibrant modern sports culture.

Electric Match Days

Dive into intense inter-school competitions, turning matchdays into the highlight of every week.

Elite level performers

Teach and coach against centuries-old charm with cutting-edge facilities, creating an inspiring environment. Coach future international and professional sports people.

Career Elevator

CV Power-Up: Gain a significant career boost with UK school experience, setting yourself apart on the international stage.

Coaching Odyssey

Join the dynamic world of UK boarding schools where tradition and modernity collide, creating a coaching journey like no other!

Boarding School Life

As a Resident Sports Coach, you'll be fully immersed in the school's vibrant community. Your tasks, tailored to your skills, may include coaching teams, supervising facilities, and joining residential trips. Get involved in the pastoral care of boarding school life, contributing to overall pupil supervision.

Community Bonds and Social Vibes

Forge lasting friendships within a small community of like-minded resident assistants, fostering a lively social scene even in rural schools. These connections often lead to shared travels, holiday adventures, and experiences that last a lifetime.

Free Living, Full Experience

Enjoy free accommodation on-site with zero rent or bills. Term-time perks include three meals a day, leaving your budget free for socializing and exploring.


With nearly 20 weeks of holiday a school year there are plenty of opportunities to explore the UK and Europe.

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