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Senior Recruitment

Senior Recruitment

Recruit a Director of Sport (and other senior sports staff)

ICE Education is the biggest specialist recruiter of Directors of Sport, and other senior Sports staff, in the UK, with over 20 years’ experience of working with schools to secure the best appointments.  A unique, career-tracking database identifies candidates looking for a change of role, and matches them to the specific requirements that each school has for this position.

Schools can be supported at every stage of this process.

This service is available for all positions of responsibility in sport:

  • Directors of Sport
  • Assistant Directors of Sport
  • Heads of PE
  • Heads of Girls’ and Boys’ Games
  • Teachers in Charge of Individual Sports
  • Sports Centre Managers

All services are bespoke, but can include:

  • Assessment of requirements
  • Creation of Job Descriptions
  • Proactive identification of suitable candidates
  • Shortlisting
  • Design of selection process
  • Interviewing and Appointment advice.
  • Negotiating terms and conditions

Schools often struggle to assemble a strong and varied field. The ICE recruitment team can guarantee to achieve this.

In addition to the database, ICE has partnerships with major sporting bodies in the UK, allowing providing candidate source, and one not normally engaged by the education press.  These include:

  • Rugby Players’ Association
  • England Lacrosse,
  • England Netball
  • England Hockey
  • League Managers’ Association
  • Professional Cricketers’ Association 

On average, schools appoint a Director of Sport every ten years.  It is a vital appointment for every organisation, and one that is too important to be left to chance.